Winter Car Care Tips From A Professional Auto Body Near Me

Winter Car Care Tips From A Professional Auto Body Near Me

During the winter, the car is faced with a lot of problems, unlike other seasons. One has to think of frozen fuel lines, low tire pressure, and even road salt damage. Winter is one period that cars and their owners are scared of. How do you take care of your car from suffering from long term damage during this period?

1. Start by swapping out the normal tires you use for those winter tires.

Whether you see the snow or not, if where you live in usually has its temperatures falling below 45 degrees, you should consider using winter tires.

These winter tires offer better traction while you are stopping or turning on very cold pavement.

2. Always look at tire pressure regularly.

One thing you should never do during the winter is to drive with tires that are underinflated. You can prevent this by checking your tire pressure weekly. If you drive with underinflated tires, they could easily lose traction on those icy surfaces, and you don’t want to know what could happen.

3. Keep your fuel tank half full

While driving in winter, it is wise that you have a tank that is at least half full. This will help you in those cases that you may be stuck on the snow and have to wait for a rescue team to come. You will have to keep yourself warm. If you plan on going on long road trips, a schedule where you will stop for gas.

4. Add a protective layer

Try and add a polymer wax on your car during this period as it helps to protect your car from grime, snow, salt, and even sleet. After a winter storm, it is only wise to make use of a high-pressure car wash.


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  • Ronnie J. Cooper
    May 2, 2019, 6:56 AM REPLY

    Thanks for your awesome post!

  • Sam Li
    June 24, 2019, 9:38 AM REPLY

    I like what you said about checking tire pressure regularly. Finding a body shop is important if you have been in an accident. My friend wants to restore the hood of his car, so I’ll help him find the best body shop in town.

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