Better to Replace & Repaint or Fix Original Parts?

Better to Replace & Repaint or Fix Original Parts?

When it comes to your car, there is no detail that is too small to worry about. That includes the paint job! That’s why it makes sense that when you take your car into an auto body shop, you have a lot on your mind.
If you have been in an accident that requires an auto body shop to do some serious work on your car, you might be facing the question of having certain parts of your car replaced and repainted, or sticking with the original pieces and paints.
Before you fret too much about if it is better to replace and repaint your whole car so every detail matches, you should know that the replacement parts that auto body shops use do not come from the manufacturer painted. This is because the parts are mass produced then shipped to auto body shops, rather than creating and producing a limited quantity of parts of a certain color.
What this means is you need to make sure that the auto body shop you take your car into is able to match any shade of color out there, otherwise, you might want to bite the bullet and have your whole car repainted to avoid an awkward, miss-matched paint job.
If you can find a body shop that is able to do color-matching with no problems, then there is nothing wrong with having your car parts replaced and painted to match the original paint color. However, one thing to consider is that your current coat of paint has likely been exposed to lots of weather, and other factors since you bought the car, and maybe a fresh coat of paint can help the whole vehicle come out of the accident looking better than ever.

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