Using your Child Seat Safely

It may seem like a very obvious thing to get right, but it is drastically important to make sure that you are using your child seat safely and correctly in order to get the most out of it.

According to numbers from the CDC, car accidents rank as the number one cause of death/injury when it comes to children. Even if it isn’t an accident that requires an auto body repair, it should be taken seriously. Furthermore, AAA reports show that using proper safety equipment specifically designed for children (like child seats) can help reduce the risk of injury to children by nearly 82 percent.

While the cosmetic damage done to your car in an accident can easily be diminished at an auto body repair shop, not using your safety equipment properly can have a lot more drastic consequences.

The first thing you need to do when using your child seat safely is understand the factors that make up the safety elements of a child seat:

1. Make sure to find a seat that pairs with your child’s height, weight, and age. There are four different types of seats spanning these factors: Infant, forward facing, booster, and seat belt.

2. Be sure to correctly install the car seat. Some model can be tricky, so make sure you carefully read the manuals.  You can even ask a professional at an auto body repair shop for assistance.

3. Register your car seat online so you can receive any notifications (recalls, etc.) in order to stay on top of your child’s safety.

You’ve made sure the car seat is secured correctly, and safely, but you might still end up in an accident sending your car to an auto body repair shop. However, because you did the above steps, your child is safe. But, what do you do with the car seat now?

Just like you would take your car into an auto body repair shop after an accident to be checked out, you need to give your car seat a look over after an accident, too.


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