3 Luxury Auto Body Features That May Be Here Soon

3 Luxury Auto Body Features That May Be Here Soon

The world we see in SciFi movies seems to be coming to us, as there are a lot of luxury body features that are now available in cars. You can experience the future now with the right luxury auto body features. We will look at few luxury auto body features that are now coming with modern cars.

A Cockpit Dash That Makes You Feel Like a (Bleeping) Pilot

When we watch movies that involve a pilot, steering a plane, we are always intrigued about how the dashboard has a lot of cool controls. Some of us start to nurse the thoughts of being a pilot in a bid to have access to such cool dashboard. With the future coming to us, cars now come with luxury auto body features like such dashboard displays. When you drive cars that have HUD or heads up display systems, they make you feel like you are steering a plane, with its ultramodern features.

Enhanced Climate Control

A lot of new cars now offer cool luxury auto body features like a climate control system. This system easily tracks the weather of an area by using GPS. This system can say when a passenger is touched by the sunlight and needs some cooling down.

An Attention Monitor for You Adult ADD Drivers Out There For those times that your mind wanders, this feature can be of assistance. What of if you have no choice but to see who just texted you, this feature goes a long way to help bring your attention to the road.


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