Can an Accident Void My Vehicle’s Warranty Even When You Fix The Auto Yourself?

Can an Accident Void My Vehicle’s Warranty Even When You Fix The Auto Yourself?

One question a lot of people’s minds is if accidents can void their vehicle warranty even when they fix auto themselves at a body shop. It is no news that the vehicle warranty is a very valuable thing when the car is bought.

No one wants to be made to pay for their repairs, that’s why a lot of persons do whatever they can to protect their vehicle warranty by trying to fix auto themselves, instead of alerting the dealership when they are in an accident. There are some cases that a car accident can lead to avoiding a warranty, and they are below.


If you want to know if the car warranty is voided by an accident whether you fix auto or not yourself, look at the following:

Salvage Title

If you were in a serious accident and the vehicle is said to be a total loss, then your vehicle warranty becomes void.

Misuse of The Car

Using the car in competitions, off-roading or overloading the car are all misuse of the vehicle. Once this is noticed, the car warranty is voided.

Environmental Damage

If you have altered its mileometer in a bid to fix auto to prevent the dealership from knowing your mileage, the car warranty becomes void.

Auto Neglect

If you are a car owner that is not interested in taking care of the vehicle, your car warranty will be voided. If for years, you haven’t bothered to replace the oil or get the car serviced, you could have your car warranty voided. It won’t be a bad idea when you fix auto at a repair shop to regular change the fluids.
When you carry out modifications on the car without seeking confirmation from the dealership, you can have it voided too.


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