Common Collision Repair Myths

Common Collision Repair Myths

When all is going well, you will not need any car body shop visits aside from general maintenance. However, accidents happen … and they can be serious, and they can be expensive.

If you do end up getting into an accident or crash and need to take your vehicle into a car body shop, there are some myths about collision repair that need to be dispelled first. Here is the truth behind a few common collision repair myths:

You must use the car body shop your insurance company picks

This myth seems to be one of the most prevalent ones out there, and it might be because a lot of insurance companies do very little to let people know it is not true. You may choose to go with the car body shop that your insurance company suggests, but by no means do you have to use their suggestion. In fact, you have the legal right to choose your own repair shop.

Only your dealer can make your car like new again

While there was a long period of time where a dealership was one of the only car body shops where you could get original parts, this is no longer the case. OEM (original equipment manufacturer parts) are offered at a lot of shops now, so it is possible to have the same repairs done at a dealer, or a body shop.

Insurance pays for all damages

This is not something that should be viewed as a rule of thumb. What costs/damages the insurance company will pay for is 100  percent dependant on your insurance policy. There are a vast amount of policies out there, so it is always recommended that you discuss your policy with your insurance company before you sign off on any car repairs.




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  • Eamo Fidel
    July 29, 2019, 6:23 AM REPLY

    Lamentably, a lot of misconceptions are floating around that can influence where and how you have your intermediary repaired. As an operative, it’s really crucial to know the truth when it comes to getting your speedster’s appearance and performance certainly restored like new again. Here, in this post, the author has revealed 12 typical myths. Instead of following the myths, better you take your car to a reputable collision repair shop- , where you can fix your car and restore its performance.

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