Auto Insurance Terminology

Auto Insurance Terminology

Once you have been in an accident, your life becomes a whirlwind. With everything from finding the right collision center, to making sure you are able to get around while your car is being taken care of, there is more than enough to keep your mind busy.

However, one thing you need to keep in mind at every stage of the post-accident whirlwind is your auto insurance. Here is an easy breakdown of some of the most common auto insurance terminologies you will hear, so you can focus on making sure the collision center does the best job, and you can be safely on the road again in no time.


The carrier is the name of the insurance company that has issued your insurance policy.


When you file a request for your insurance carrier to pay for repairs done at a collision center, you are filing a claim.


The coverage is what benefits and protections are included under your insurance policy. Coverage can change depending on your policy.


This is the amount you will have to pay (either at the collision center, or elsewhere) towards damages before the insurance company pays out the rest.


This refers to the amount that your insurance company will pay for any given claim.

No Fault Insurance

There are some States that say that an insurance company must pay out all losses covered in their policyholders’ claims with no regard to fault in the accident. While this does not mean the company has to pay everything, it does mean that the insurance policy kicks in as soon as a covered accident happens, instead of waiting for fault to be determined.


Steering refers to an insurance company trying to get you to use a specific collision center, or repair shop when it comes time to get your auto fixed. In the majority of states, steering is illegal, and you have the right to choose your own collision center or repair shop.


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  • Ashley
    June 27, 2019, 11:16 AM REPLY

    I liked that you said that good auto insurance would cover collision repair. I would imagine this would be helpful since collision repair can get expensive. I would be sure to have good auto insurance in case something like this happened.

  • Lloyd Bronson
    August 13, 2019, 11:11 AM REPLY

    The simple explanation for the terminology on this page has brought me much ease of mind. When I had initially gotten into a car accident a week ago, I was terrified of going to the collision center due to the sheer confusion that I would likely be experiencing. I am glad to know that with this terminology, I do not have to fear the collision center anymore.

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